LexConnect our Telemedicine Solution

Lexington Health Network is proud to introduce LexConnect, a Telemedicine solution only available at Lexington Health Network. Lexington Health Network is leading the industry by combining technology and remote clinical assessments to provide exceptional care to our patients 24 x 7. LexConnect is our custom Telemedicine solution that extends our existing daily Advance Practice Nurse coverage within our Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our Telemedicine solution transforms how patient care is provided when sudden changes in condition occur during critical times of day. LexConnect is used Monday-Friday 6:00pm to 8:00am, 24 hours a day Weekends and Holidays.

LexConnect is used when a sudden change of condition has been identified by Nursing staff which requires immediate attention. LexConnect is not used for 911 emergencies and is only utilized when the change in condition can be managed. LexConnect offers several benefits to our Patients.

Powered by CURATESS Essential Care Plus Telemedicine


81% of Patients Do Not Transfer to the Hospital when LexConnect Telemedicine is used.


Estimated Contribution to Healthcare Savings to Date




  • Provides Immediate Access to an Advance Practice Nurse
  • Reduces and prevents avoidable Hospital Admissions
  • Coordination of care with the Attending Physician
  • Prevents Intimidating Admissions to the Hospital
  • Eliminates Delays in Provider Travel Time
  • Reduces Healthcare Costs
  • No cost to the patient or their Insurance plan


  • Full Video Conference encounter
  • Diagnostic HD & High Resolution Camera with remote provider controls
  • Digital Stethoscope to evaluate Heart, Breath & Bowel sounds
  • Wireless bedside operation
  • Easy-to-use solution
  • HIPAA compliant solution

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