Telemedicine Success Story, Improved Clinical Outcomes

Posted: 01/19/2016

Lexington Health Network was featured in a success story on the use of Telemedicine to reduce Hospital readmission's and improve our clinical outcomes.

LHN understood the importance of controlling avoidable readmissions to the hospital in 2011 and committed to their patients & residents that LHN would implement clinical programs that would have impactful results. LHN began utilizing Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) within all SNFs in 2011 as well as the use of Telemedicine for evening, holidays, and weekends. Lexington Health Network fully believed that introducing more advanced clinical coverage would improve the care that they provided and improve RTH outcomes. The APNs are onsite at all 10 SNFS and provide advance level of care and assessments to their patients from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. The Connected for Care Telemedicine solution is then utilized 6pm to 8:00am Monday-Friday and on holidays and weekends. LHN branded the CARE Telemedicine solution as “LexConnect” so it was easily identified by staff and partners.

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